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This is officially my first post on the blog! What a better way to spend a Thursday night! And not only am I blogging for the first time but I am using my brand new iPad to blog from…. All while sitting on my tush on the couch:) I have Aaron thank for the new iPad  – he surprised me with it this morning. (what a thoughtful guy)

So I have been trying to get used to the new toy most of day today…not a whole lot of productivity outmethods today…Thought I did get a good start on some laundry and picked up some bridal shower gifts for this weekend!  I’m not sure about anyone else but Bed, Bath, and Beyond might my most hated store ever! I was asked about 10 times once I stepped foot in the door if I needed any help… Stupidly I thought I would be able to find a spice rack, a waffle iron, and a a kitchen scale on my own so i waved them all off… Howver 15 minutes of wandering later I had to ask for help (how disappointing).  45 minutes later I was released from the grips of the store but by that time I was hungry, tired, and grumpy!

Thankfully I came home and Aaron helped make a delicious dinner of BBQ grilled chicken, Mediterranean quinoa salad, and steamed asparagus….. Hmmm…my mouth drools just thinking about it again (YUM)! 

Aaron sure won himself some brownie points today – new iPad & great dinner… I guess I’ll have to start pulling my weight tomorrow! But for tonight I’m going to keep fiddling with my ipad 🙂


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