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Best Boyfriend Ever….

And the award goes to….. AARON!!!

I have to simply give Aaron some props for being the best boyfriend ever…. Not only has he bought me a new iPad in the last month, but this week he also gave me a cute pink iPad cover and a wireless keyboard so I could more easily write my blog 🙂

Isn’t he the best?

What are some of the recent suprises your sweetie has done for you?


Perfection Correction

I am hereby coining this term as my own!!! However… Feel free to use it as much as you want.  What does perfection correction mean you may ask? To me perfection correction is when we get so caught up in trying to do something so perfectly that if we can’t do it 100% perfectly then we don’t do it at all!

Example 1: When trying to get my miles in each day I get so worried while I’m running that my form might not be 100% perfect that I start talking myself into stopping or cutting back my miles.. When really I should just focus on the fact that I’m out there giving it my best already and that I already have  good form and maybe “perfect” form will come in the future.

Example 2: I was cleaning tonight… I promised myself that all I needed to clean tonight was swiffering the floor and vacuuming and dusting in the living room. As I was doing these things I started noticing all the other tasks that need tended to around the house… (all 13 million of them) and thought to myself “well if I don’t have time to do all 13 million things then I shouldn’t even get started dusting and vacuuming since the house won’t be perfect at the end of the night anyway”. Instead I told myself “how nice will it be if the house has been vacuumed and dusted when you wake up tomorrow morning?”  Thus I coined the idea of perfection correction!

What do you stop yourself from doing just because you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t do it perfectly? Better yet… What are all the things you could be doing if you weren’t worried about doing it perfectly?

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, busy, busy… isn’t that everyone’s story?

How is it that the days in the summer are longer however they seem to totally fly by? I swear I’m just running out of days/time to get things done!  Aaron and I have some lofty goals this summer…. 1. Finish phase two of the kitchen remodel (that means build the dishwasher case, the over-the-stove microwave hutch, and replace the counter top and sink 2. Build more storage in the basement (more on that later) 3. Reorganize the office so I have my own desktop computer and filing space 4. Finish off the patio and make the repairs (Miss Leala thought that digging up the corner of the patio seemed like a good idea this winter!)

So many projects so little time!  So I’ve resorted to a tried-and-true method of getting things done… LISTS!  Every week I list out each day and what essential things need to happen on that day for us to move forward with our projects.  I’ve also included other essential tasks (vacuuming, dusting, etc since I tend to forget to do those types of things when I get busy) and I’ve included our daily meal plan.  I started planning out my dinners every week a few months ago and I’ve found it to be super helpful!  I track all my meals on MyFitnessPal and ever since I have started meal planning I’ve been able to make smarter meal choices and our grocery bill has gone down!  I used to find myself throwing out rotten produce every week.  I would buy it with the best of intentions but due to lack of planning I usually never got around to using it and ended wasting it.  It was like throwing dollar bills straight into the trash!  Ever since I started meal planning, I only buy what produce I know I will need that week for my meals.  It isn’t 100% perfect but I’m far better than I used to be 🙂

Well – that is my sermon on meal planning 🙂 Moving on…

I have been using these weekly lists and find such satisfaction when I cross everything off at the end of the night! I know there are fancy apps out there that will make lists for you… and honestly I have one.. Aaron prefers it since he is a tech geek but I just LOVE the feeling of physically writing out then CROSSING OFF my lists!

In addition to all our house goals, I also am working in some dedicated work out time (6x per week).  I recently signed up to run the Des Moines Half-Marathon which will take place in October 2012.  I will preface this by saying I am not a “natural runner”… I don’t love it.. it usually hurts me.. I struggle the whole way.. yet I have signed up and paid my money so I’ll be damned if I don’t learn how to run it and make it happen!  My trainer has given me a running plan that will gradually get me up to running a half-marathon and I started last week.  October seems so far away but starting early and building slowly will hopefully help eliminate any injuries and lead to lasting habits. Today was a “long” run… 5 miles!  I haven’t ran 5 miles in probably 10+ years!  I won’t lie, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of it.  However, I am happy to report that I ran those 5 miles without stopping this evening and even felt pretty good afterwards.  Which is probably a good sign since I have to run 6 miles on Sunday!  Leala joined me tonight as well but I think 5 miles is her max… she is totally pooped out!  I was even ambitious enough to follow-up my 5 miles with some ab work and Pilates (all signs point to the fact that I will likely be very sore tomorrow).  My trainer always reminds me of one thing “you never regret working out when you’re done”.  She is so right!  I never regret spending that hour doing something that is good for my body.  Sure, it is hard to get motivated to get going, especially when we have so much to do around the house or at work or now with Mary Kay but I never regret finding time to fit it in when I’m done.  (and hopefully one day soon those last few pounds will melt away – wishful thinking????)

What motivates you when you don’t want to get going on something?  Do you ever regret the time you spend doing something for yourself?  Whether it is taking a walk, getting a manicure, or just finding time to have coffee with an old friend, I find these activities usually energize me and just generally brighten my day!



Introducing Katie… Your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Well I made a plunge last week and decided to do something fun/scary… I signed the paperwork to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!!! I have used the Mary Kay product for a little over one year now and fell in love with the product! I never had terrible skin but the occasional huge zit (usually at the most inconvenient of times…) but since I started using Mary Kay my skin has been fantastic! Seriously I have had less blemishes and more even skin tone. I thought the Mary Kay product was great and i was interested in making a little extra $$$$ so I signed my name on the dotted line and I am officially in business.

I received a starter kit in the mail and have been working my way through all the materials… There is soooo much to learn! The info the company provides about running your own business is really interesting and enlightening 🙂

Oh well enough about that… I certainly have a lot to learn! In other news, the weekend is coming up and this is one of our “free” weekends. That means we don’t have any wedding related commitments this weekend – no weddings or engagement photos to shoot and no bridal showers or bachelorette parties.. So we will just kick back and relax all weekend right? WRONG!! I plan to clean and organize the whole basement this weekend. If you had any idea of how terrible our basement currently is you would understand why this is top priority that must be handled ASAP!!! And why it will take the whole weekend (if not longer)!

Maybe if I am motivated enough I’ll take some before and after shots to document the progress;)

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