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Introducing Katie… Your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Well I made a plunge last week and decided to do something fun/scary… I signed the paperwork to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!!! I have used the Mary Kay product for a little over one year now and fell in love with the product! I never had terrible skin but the occasional huge zit (usually at the most inconvenient of times…) but since I started using Mary Kay my skin has been fantastic! Seriously I have had less blemishes and more even skin tone. I thought the Mary Kay product was great and i was interested in making a little extra $$$$ so I signed my name on the dotted line and I am officially in business.

I received a starter kit in the mail and have been working my way through all the materials… There is soooo much to learn! The info the company provides about running your own business is really interesting and enlightening 🙂

Oh well enough about that… I certainly have a lot to learn! In other news, the weekend is coming up and this is one of our “free” weekends. That means we don’t have any wedding related commitments this weekend – no weddings or engagement photos to shoot and no bridal showers or bachelorette parties.. So we will just kick back and relax all weekend right? WRONG!! I plan to clean and organize the whole basement this weekend. If you had any idea of how terrible our basement currently is you would understand why this is top priority that must be handled ASAP!!! And why it will take the whole weekend (if not longer)!

Maybe if I am motivated enough I’ll take some before and after shots to document the progress;)


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One thought on “Introducing Katie… Your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

  1. Aaron on said:

    Good luck on your MK adventure:-)

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