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Perfection Correction

I am hereby coining this term as my own!!! However… Feel free to use it as much as you want.  What does perfection correction mean you may ask? To me perfection correction is when we get so caught up in trying to do something so perfectly that if we can’t do it 100% perfectly then we don’t do it at all!

Example 1: When trying to get my miles in each day I get so worried while I’m running that my form might not be 100% perfect that I start talking myself into stopping or cutting back my miles.. When really I should just focus on the fact that I’m out there giving it my best already and that I already have  good form and maybe “perfect” form will come in the future.

Example 2: I was cleaning tonight… I promised myself that all I needed to clean tonight was swiffering the floor and vacuuming and dusting in the living room. As I was doing these things I started noticing all the other tasks that need tended to around the house… (all 13 million of them) and thought to myself “well if I don’t have time to do all 13 million things then I shouldn’t even get started dusting and vacuuming since the house won’t be perfect at the end of the night anyway”. Instead I told myself “how nice will it be if the house has been vacuumed and dusted when you wake up tomorrow morning?”  Thus I coined the idea of perfection correction!

What do you stop yourself from doing just because you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t do it perfectly? Better yet… What are all the things you could be doing if you weren’t worried about doing it perfectly?


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