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Pet Peeve Thursdays

For those of us who just can’t wait until Friday to unwind a little, have had a trying Monday – Thursday, and just want to air their pet peeves… introducing Pet Peeve Thursdays.

Today it seemed like all my pet peeves were coming out of the woodwork!  I am hoping that voicing my pet peeves will allow me to move on from the day.  Here are just a few (in no particular order):

  • Whistling in public 
  • Shuffling your feet with you walk (girls ages 16-24 seem to be the main culprits here – especially when it is Uggs season)
  • People that say caramel like Kar-Mall (really people there are TWO a’s in that word… say it with me care-a-mel)
  • Invisible bumps in the floor that trip you and make you look like a fool in front of your co-workers
  • Crickets (people say that every creature has a purpose but I can’t seem to put my finger on why the cricket was created)

That is probably enough pet peeves for today… need to save some for the next installment….  And really I do feel better!

What are your pet peeves!?!?


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3 thoughts on “Pet Peeve Thursdays

  1. Oooooops. I shuffle my feet ALL the time. Jake can always hear when I’m coming because of how much noise I make with my shoes. That’s why you need to teach me how to walk correctly and I can start wearing heels! I have a ton of pet peeves, but none are coming to me right now other than the fact that I HATE the word “moist” ewwww just saying it in my head makes me cringe.

  2. I hate it when people start a presentation by saying, “I like to keep things informal so this is going to be an interactive session.” Then proceed to talk until there is no time for questions!

  3. Edward Sowder on said:

    I hate running into a cobweb and fidgeting around to find it and get rid of it. To everybody else, I just look like a crazy person.

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