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Damn girl – Look at those…. Pins?

I am addicted to Pinterest… I will say it out loud.  I should probably go to a Pinners Anonymous meeting once a week to help me cope with my problem…   However, since I do not have access to said meetings in the greater Des Moines area, my addiction is allowed to grow and flourish with wild abandonment.

This likely will not be the last post I ever make about Pinterest and its infinite, wondrous capabilities 🙂

So the other day, I was happily pinning away (my choice subjects are recipes, home decor, and wedding ideas -shhh… don’t tell Aaron about that last one) and I realized was seeing a lot of repins of stuff I’d already seen that day (when this happens I get very agitated) so I thought about if there were any specific ideas I was looking for that I would just use the “search” function to help get rid of the duplicates. Just as I was about to do that, I decided that I’d look back into my “Following” page to see if anyone had pinned anything good in the last 30 minutes that I might have missed…. Sure enough I saw this gorgeous outdoor patio flooring (if you have time I highly suggest you search for “acid stained concrete” on Pinterest).  So as I went to repin it, I saw that this picture had been repinned by my friend from MY board.  Duh, Katie… I had liked it so much the first time I saw it that I repinned it then, but I had probably pinned so much that day that I had completely blanked out that I had actually already seen and pinned this idea!!!

I told you I have a Pinterest addiction…. do you believe me now???

Anyway, that little pin prompted me to go back through all my existing boards.  This confirmed two things to me: 1. I spend waaayyy too much time pinning and 2. I have excellent taste 🙂  I looked through hundreds of existing pins – each one more fabulous than the next but realized I have actually utilized very few of these ideas.  No, I have not made homemade salted caramel ice cream yet. No, I have not turned my used toilet paper and paper towel cardboard inserts into fabulous works of art.  I have yet to refinish any piece of furniture.  So I have come to the sad, sad conclusion that I am a Pinterest hoarder.  I keep all these great ideas, but do virtually nothing with them!  So I have made a vow to myself, that at least once a month I will attempt one of my pins!  It could be a simple recipe or maybe something more adventurous (I just pinned how to turn a twin size bed frame into a cute farmhouse bench) but I will TRY something once a month!

I believe that if I start now, I could do a new idea everyone month until the  day I die and would still have a few ideas left over 🙂

Less time pinning = More time DOING 🙂
Does anyone else LOVE Pinterest?  If so, what are your weaknesses when it comes to pinning?


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