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Holidays Are Upon Us…

It is official…
The 2012 Holiday Season has arrived!  I can’t count how many Thanksgiving/Christmas related conversations I’ve had this week.  And it always comes back to scheduling… Can we find a way to add a few extra hours to Thanksgiving and Christmas Day?  That would be very helpful.  As our families continue to grow, so does the inevitable scheduling headache.  However, this year all seems to be working out very smoothly.  I feel so blessed to be close (both in proximity and relationship) to Aaron’s and my families.  We never have to travel out of a 30 mile radius from our house to celebrate the holidays.  We can see both families and have both meals – which usually leads to us both having belly aches by the end of the night 🙂
Besides the scheduling conversations, we also are talking about our holiday traditions.  For me it is a pretty simple pattern:

1.  Thanksgiving with the Halsne and Spellman families

2. Get out Christmas decorations and put up the tree (lucky if this actually happens before December 1st but that is always what I aim for)

3. Christmas cookies/goodies baking with my mom and sister

4. Christmas Eve with the Halsne family

5. Christmas morning with the Halsne family, followed by Christmas lunch with the Spellman family

6. Sleep off food coma on couch 🙂


I am the tradition keeper in the family.  I make sure we all sit in the right spots at the dinner table (me next to Dad, naturally), we make kringla and divinity during our baking days, and I move the teddy bear on the advent calendar.  We aren’t too fancy but for me all these little traditions bring back so many good memories.
What are your favorite holiday traditions?


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