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Week One … Almost Done!

Well it has almost been an entire week of non-corporate work life.  I have to say it doesn’t feel that different yet.  Someone asked me the other day if it felt like I was on vacation from my “real job”… and it kind of does (just a little bit).  Today I actually am picking up a camera and doing some shooting – something other than the computer work I’ve done all week!  But I can tell a difference though in the work-life balance.  We’ve had a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day so far – including the weekend (my Friday celebration not counting of course).  The laundry is done, the floors vacuumed, and there is fresh bread baking in the kitchen.  Yes, balance is something that is an immediate result… one that I hope lasts!

Now, I am trying to focus on something called IPAs (a little acronym I learned from my Mary Kay director!).  IPA – Income Producing Activities.  Very important to have these activities as a focus because it is so easy to get drawn into non-IPAs.  Like spending an hour on Pinterest looking at pose ideas for seniors.  Or (my favorite) cleaning and organizing the office – I could spend HOURS moving things from here to there and then back over here… then back over there! Writing my blog = non-IPA.  However, making  checklist of IPAs and keeping it posted in plain sight (another tip I learned from Mary Kay – whoot! whoot!) helps remind me to refocus.  And obsessive-compulsively checking my bank account reminds me as well 🙂

Week one almost done…. so far so good!  My only complaint – I am now waking up even earlier than I did when I had a corporate job.  Something in my head just says “It’s 5:00 – time to get up!” Good thing my “boss” doesn’t mind if I lay back down and doze off for a while  until a more reasonable hour 🙂

If you had the opportunity to leave your current job for your dream job – what would it be? Are you one of the lucky ones already living it?



Change is Coming…

I’m going to by-pass commenting on the large gap in time between posts…. All I can say is that change is coming…

Recently, I temporarily lost my mind… (perhaps permanently)…. I have decided to leave the safety net of corporate America and venture out on my own (well kinda…).

Tomorrow will be my last day working for someone else.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for a new adventure but very, very sad that I won’t be seeing my wonderful co-workers on a daily basis anymore.  Instead, I have decided to join Aaron on a full-time basis with our photography business.  I am super pumped for this opportunity and all that it will bring.  I am excited to have some balance back in my life rather than trying to manage multiple businesses.  I plan to keep growing my Mary Kay business as well but my main focus will be Spellman Photography.

I still have a ton to learn but thankfully I have a very patient and talented teacher.  While the technical skills will continue to grow, I’m going to focus on the “business-side” of our work – effective immediately!  Marketing, wedding shows, price restructuring, web updates, OH MY!  We will be busy, busy, busy.

Change isn’t just coming… its here to stay.

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