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Change is Coming…

I’m going to by-pass commenting on the large gap in time between posts…. All I can say is that change is coming…

Recently, I temporarily lost my mind… (perhaps permanently)…. I have decided to leave the safety net of corporate America and venture out on my own (well kinda…).

Tomorrow will be my last day working for someone else.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for a new adventure but very, very sad that I won’t be seeing my wonderful co-workers on a daily basis anymore.  Instead, I have decided to join Aaron on a full-time basis with our photography business.  I am super pumped for this opportunity and all that it will bring.  I am excited to have some balance back in my life rather than trying to manage multiple businesses.  I plan to keep growing my Mary Kay business as well but my main focus will be Spellman Photography.

I still have a ton to learn but thankfully I have a very patient and talented teacher.  While the technical skills will continue to grow, I’m going to focus on the “business-side” of our work – effective immediately!  Marketing, wedding shows, price restructuring, web updates, OH MY!  We will be busy, busy, busy.

Change isn’t just coming… its here to stay.


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