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Best of Intentions…

Hello.  My name is Katie and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Whew!  There I said it!  I am a Pinning addict… I can freely admit that now.  There are very few days that go by without logging on to Pinterest and most days consist of checking it multiple times! I am sooo addicted.  I recognized it sometime last week when I was getting frustrated by all the pins that I had already pinned and couldn’t find many new ones!  Pin overload alert! I decided to go back through a few of my boards and look at the old pins I had already decided were worthy of a click (not hard in my book). 🙂

I realized that while I do a decent job of trying the recipes I pin (or at least using them for Pinspiration), I am terrible about following through on any of the other pins!  So last week I tackled an easy one… Create a weekly menu (which I already do – usually scribbled on a post-it lost somewhere in my purse) and a weekly cleaning schedule.  I am a fairly neat person but I HATE doing dishes! Honestly, I’d rather mop the floor, clean the bathroom, and scrub the toilet over doing the dishes.  Therefore, the kitchen is usually my least favorite chore.  And I have a tendency to put off easy chores – like a quick dusting in the living room – until it is unbearable. I thought a weekly cleaning schedule would be handy to serve as a reminder of what needs to be done regularly. So I pulled this menu/cleaning list together on Sunday night and thought “Here I go” for the week.

The results… well rather lackluster I must admit.  I was lazy on Monday night so switched Monday and Thursday’s dinner menu since Thursday’s meal seemed easier than Monday’s.  The living room didn’t look that bad so I put off cleaning it on Tuesday and then completely forgot all about the bedroom.  Wednesday we were busy bringing all our photo booth stuff up from the basement for an event that night… (you get the idea how the rest of the week went). As you can imagine that left me cleaning the WHOLE house today (plus lots of dishes – UGH). I had the best of intentions but I think it might take another week or two before I actually get it down.  Gosh – this Pinterest idea seemed like the easiest!  What am I going to do when I start tackling the harder pins!?!?!

Have you tried any ideas (from Pinterest or elsewhere) that seemed so simple and turned out to be a complete flop? (Speaking of flops… making kale chips which everyone says is sooo easy… harder.than.it.looks.)


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