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Tomatillos… my new obsession

Have you ever heard of Tomatillos?  I hadn’t really until a few years ago.  Then I started seeing them regularly in the grocery store.  If good ‘ole Fareway carries them regularly, I feel that many people must purchase them regularly.  I was not one of these people.  However, I may be a convert now.This is a tomatillo.


They kind of look like green tomatoes with a papery skin on the outside.  I had no idea what they tasted like but yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and I wanted to make something festive.  From the name, I decided I would include these in my Cinco de Mayo feast.  So I purchased a few and was left wondering what on earth I should do with these.  (Especially difficult since I still had no idea what they tasted like.)

I decided to play it safe and after several Pinterest searches was inspired to make a tomatillo guacamole.  I got out my trusty food chopper and diced a few of these babies up.  Turns out they taste AMAZING.  They remind me a bit of rhubarb in the way that they are tangy and juicy but their flavor is more of a cross between a tomato and a pepper.  And as it turns out they pair fabulously with avocado (but then again what doesn’t?). I made a simple guac and paired it was some chips, baby bell peppers, and our steaks for a Mexican inspired meal.  The recipe for the tomatillo guacamole is listed below and for a fair warning – it is quite addictive 🙂

Tomatillo Gaucamole

2 medium tomatillos1 ripe avacado
6-8 cherry tomatoes (more or less as you prefer)
Small handful of cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine everything in a food chopper and blend until you reach your desired consistency.  I like mine slightly chunky and with lots of black pepper.  This can be served with chips or veggies.  Tonight we are even trying it as a topping for our grilled chicken breast.

I’m trying to find other recipes that include tomatillos as I am completely hooked on them now.  Anyone have any great suggestions?  Most recipes I’ve found use the tomatillos in some form of a salsa.  This website had 10 great ideas for using tomatillos.  I also like the idea of chicken verde enchiladas!  That might be our “leftovers” dinner tomorrow night 🙂

If you haven’t yet tried this great little vegetable (or fruit – I guess I’m not really sure what it is), I challenge you to give it a go.  This salsa is super easy, healthy, and tasty!


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