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Little Treats

Wow – June 6th already!  What happened to the month of May?  Or even April?  Spring flies by here at the Halsne-Spellman household.  We gear up for a very busy time.  Both of our business, photography and farming, are in full swing in April, May, and June.  Aaron, like all other area farmers, has had an adjusted planting timeline due to the weather; which has almost been a blessing in disguise as we have been able to better stay on top of our photography business during this time.  Spring sports, weddings, graduation, and dance recitals all slam us in the same 4-5 week time-span and despite how well we prepare for this time, we always find ourselves stressed out, behind, and worn a little thin.

But now our work is back to a more manageable pace and we’ve had a little time to A) Sleep and B) Do Laundry.  I’ve also decided to give myself a few little treats to keep me going through the last big push of ordering and wedding work.  First, I finally got some of my new pants tailored so I actually have something new and work appropriate to wear to our wedding this weekend! (Yeah! Side note – if you haven’t yet been to a CAbi show, you really should get to one.  They have fabulous clothes that are really well-cut and stylish.)  I’ve also been making sure to get out in my garden and tend to my plants – which I actually find very relaxing.  It makes me so happy that I have some landscaping done to the front yard this year and that my garden is finally growing something other than weeds 🙂 To top that all off, my herbs are starting to produce enough leaves that I’ve been able to start cooking with them!  Last night, I made a sweet potato gnocchi with sausage, apple, and thyme (recipe and pics to follow soon). Also, I am being very selfish tomorrow and getting myself a manicure.  Have you ever looked down and thought, “Eeek!  My hands look like Godzilla!”  Well, that is what I thought the other day.  And no matter what brand of nail polish I use or how careful I am, if I paint my nails myself, I usually end up having to take it off a day or so later due to chipping.  So, I’m investing a little money in a Shellac manicure tomorrow.  If you haven’t yet experience a Shellac manicure, you should run right out and get yourself one.  I’ve had several and your polish really does stay chip-free for 2 weeks!  I usually only take it off becuase my nails have grown so my nail bed is showing at the bottom.  Shellac = God’s gift to busy women!  I always feel so much happier when I have my nails done 🙂

(And don’t worry about Aaron – he has a little treat coming to him too!  Tomorrow we’re headed into Beer Crazy to stock up on some “essentials” so he can get another beer brewed soon!)

I know that we aren’t the only ones who find the spring time to be extra busy.  What have you done to keep yourself going through this hectic time?  Do you deserve a well-earned treat too?!  Then go ahead and indulge!


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