Midwest is Best

A midwestern guide to all things homemaking


Hi!  I’m Katie.  The name Soybeans and Stilettos gives you a little insight to my world.  I live with my photographer/farmer boyfriend, Aaron, in the country near a small town – Woodward, IA.  We live in his family’s old 1880’s farmhouse with our precious chocolate lab, Leala.  I have an addiction to fabulous shoes which sometimes proves to be tricky at home.  Stilettos – while not practical in most situations – definitely are an issue when you live off the beaten path! We are surrounded by corn and soybean fields and I am still getting used to some of the “interesting” details of living in the country…(mice, snakes, constant gravel dust on the furniture).  I started this blog to share a little about myself and just a few of the things I am interested in:

PhotographySomething I that I trying to learn… Aaron is a great teacher but I’ve still got a long way to go!
Recipes I adore food – all types of food really but generally I try to follow a fairly healthy diet.
ExerciseI DO NOT adore exercise but I accept it as a part of life so that I may fit in to my jeans!
Household Projects/Gardening – Inside or outside I am still learning my particular style of decorating, organizing, and which plants I can actually keep alive.
Fashion/Beauty – As the name implies…I love all shoes (the taller the better!)

There are sure to be some blurry photos, failed recipes, and killed plants along the way, but follow me and have yourself a chuckle as I navigate through these topics and many more.


Please feel free to leave me a comment!

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